How we press it

1)Seed Preparation:
After we harvest the oilseed rape crop in late July using a standard combine harvester it is dried to 7% moisture. In a ‘normal’ Irish summer it is harvest with moisture ranging from 10 to 15%. By reducing the moisture below 9% it ensures that the crop is safe to store over the winter and by reducing it further to 7% means it results in more efficient pressing.

2)Press the seed:The oil press takes in seed and expels oil from the barrel of the press and cake (or meal) from the end. The cake falls into a big bag and is used for animal feed as it is high protein.. The oil passes through a filter and is collected into a settling tank below the press. From here it is pumped into a settling tank.

3)The oil is allowed to settle:This takes about 5 days.We use 6 settling tanks each with a capacity of 1000 litres.

4)Final filtration to give a crystal clear oil:We us a plate filter with replaceable filter cards and food grade mono type pump to pump the oil through 5 micron filters.We use a special olive oil filter for this operation.

5)Storage in a holding tank:This final tank holds the clean oil ready for bottling.

6)Fill bottles (or other container):A volumetric filler is used to fill bottles using a compressed air machine to ensure each bottle is filled with at least the minimum amount of oil.

7)Fit the cap:We use tamper evident aluminium caps with an oil pourer which are applied using a ROPP capping machine.

8)Apply the label:This is done with a semi-automatic machine that can apply front and back labels and a best before date in one operation

9)The Final Product:
The final product is a bottle of Cold Pressed Rapesee Oil which was been grown in Co.Louth, pressed in Co.Louth,filtered in Co. Louth and bottled in Co. Louth. This product is a healthy Irish alternative to olive oil.

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