Tillage Crops

What is Eco Tillage?

It is basically a technique for seedbed preparation using discs or heavy tines where the plough is only used every third or fourth year on a rotational basis.The claim is that it is more `Eco friendly’ in that it does not disturb as much of the soil and so helps soil structure regeneration. And it is also claimed that the system optimises the beneficial organisms to help provide biological control of nasties like slugs, etc. in the longer term.

Eco-tillage involves the loosening of the soil by means of a disc or deep tines, that is non-inversion or minimum cultivation of two decades ago.But now there are two added features the use of a heavy disc to cut down to about 15cm rather than 5-7 cm and the use of presses and rollers to firm the soil after cultivation to aid drainage, and weed and volunteer seed germination prior to sowing.

What crops do we grow?

We grow Winter Wheat,Winter Barley,Oats and Oilseed Rape

Why is it called Winter Wheat or Winter Barley?

Winter crops are sown in the autumn and are in the ground over the winter and hence the name. Alternatively wheat and barley can be sown in the spring time and they are referred to as Spring Barley and Spring Wheat. Winter crops tend to yeild more per acre but are more costly to grow and need more management.

What does wheat look like?

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What does barley look like?

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What do oats look like?

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