What is Oilseed Rape?
Oilseed Rape is the yellow crop you see growing in the fields during the month of May. It produces a small black seed which contains oil. It is harvested in late July.
How do we get the oil from the seed?
After the seed is harvested and dried, we press the seed ( squeezed in a machine) to extract the oil. After a settling process it is filtered and bottled.It is a totally natural product.
What do we add to the oil?
Absolutely nothing.
What is cold pressing?
When seed is cold pressed it is squeezed in a mechanical press. No heat or chemicals are used in the process.This process will leave a high level of oil in the leftover cake.Cold pressing ensures nothing is added to the product.
What chemicals do we use to extract the oil from the seed?
Absolutely none, it is a totally natural process reffered to as cold pressing.
What happens to the left overs?
After we cold press the oilseed we are left with a cake product which is high in protein which is used for animal feed. There is at least 15% oil still in the cake.
Why is Rapeseed Oil good for you?
It has only half the saturated fat of Olive Oil. It has over 10 times the Omega 3 than Olive Oil.
Is Rapeseed Oil good for frying?
It is great for frying as it does not burn until 220 degrees whereas Olive Oil will burn at 180. You should not let Extra Virgin Olive Oil burn on a pan as the health benefits are destoyed when it is heated over 180 degrees. It is very easy to burn olive oil on a frying pan.
Is rapeseed oil in Europe the same as in the USA?
No, all oilseed rape in Europe is suitable for human consumption which is not the case in the USA. They generally refer to rapeseed oil for culinary use as CANOLA oil and use the term rapeseed oil for industrial product. This is not he case in Europe where all rapeseed oil is safe for consumption provided it is pressed from European seed.
How much seed do we buy in ?
None, we only press the seed we grow so we know everything that has happened to it from the moment it is planted.

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